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People of all ages recognise the Mr Freeze brand, probably because we have been around for years and years.
Mr Freeze has been around since 1966 and more than 45 years on (yes, we have been around for a long time) is still the most recognisable freezepop brand in Europe.
Our refreshing freezepops are sold in over 17 countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Norway, Switzerland, Malta, Slovakia, Cyprus, Finland, Gibraltar, Australia and the Benelux countries. The flavours used in our freezepops have been researched and improved over the years at our HQ in Wrexham, UK.

Our four classic flavours in our iconic bulk packs:

  • strawberry
  • raspberry
  • Cola
  • orange
We have even been a bit more adventurous in the past (we like experimenting), and you may have seen our Apple, Grenadine, Mint, Tutti-frutti and Aniseed flavours.
An exciting development in 2013 has resulted in the launch of Mr Freeze into the UK Retail market. From February, Mr Freeze will be sold in a range of pack formats ideal for the take home market. The delicious Mr Freeze freezpops will be available in 5 fabulous flavours – Strawberry, Cola, Orange, Lemonade and Raspberry – in either 20ml, 35ml or 45ml freezepops.
The perfect size to pop into your freezer at home for when you fancy a little treat.