Frequently asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Mr Freeze in store?

    Currently we only sell directly to Cash & Carry. If you are interested in stocking Mr Freeze in your store then please visit the trade area of our website to find your nearest Mr Freeze stockist.


    If you just want to buy a small amount (from one box upwards) of Mr Freeze then you can purchase us here.

  • Where can I buy Mr Freeze online?

    Mr Freeze is available to buy online at Please see the “buy now” link on this website.

  • Is Mr Freeze suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs?

    Yes, all Mr Freeze products are suitable for both vegetarians and coeliacs.

  • Is Mr Freeze Kosher certified?

    All Mr Freeze products are not certified kosher but we are looking at this for the future.

  • Is Mr Freeze Halal certified?

    Although Mr Freeze does not contain any animal based products we are not certified Halal. There are trace amounts of alcohol used as a flavouring carrier which keep Mr Freeze from being Halal. We hope this information helps you to make a decision whether or not to try our products.

  • What is the calorific content of Mr Freeze?

    There are 28 calories per 100ml of ice pop which means there are only 14 calories in the regular 50ml Mr Freeze, 25 calories in the supersize 90ml Mr Freeze and 42 calories in the ginormous 150ml Mr Freeze.


    Yes they a low calorie and delicious snack…Perfect!

  • Does Mr Freeze contain fat?

    Mr Freeze freezepops contain 0g of fat but there may be trace elements.

  • Does Mr Freeze contain alcohol?

    Mr Freeze contain trace elements of alcohol (usually ethanol in parts per million) which is used as a flavouring carrier.

  • Can Mr Freeze be frozen, defrosted and then frozen again prior to consumption?

    Mr Freeze products can be refrozen before consumption but we do not recommend this due to both flavour impairment and a change in texture.

  • Can Mr Freeze be consumed as a drink (consumed ambient)?

    Mr Freeze can be consumed as a drink and does not have to be frozen prior to consumption. However for the best taste and maximum refreshment we recommend you freeze us first.

  • Are Mr Freeze products manufactured with natural colours and flavours?

    So far we have managed to introduce natural colours to all Mr Freeze UK products with the exception of the "blue raspberry" flavour. We are not using natural flavours in all of our product line as of yet as we are trying to match the taste profile. This is an on-going process and we are working towards being completely natural so watch this space!